29 May 13:00 - 17:00Malmö Arena hotel

During the Packbridge Startup Day on May 29th  we are introducing the selected companies, participating in our competition.

The Packbridge Challenge is a competition for startups and entrepreneurial companies. A first part of the Packbridge Challenge, called the Packbridge Startup Day, is taking place on May 29th, Malmö. The second part of the competition is scheduled during the Top Packaging Summit, September 20 in Malmö. The winner will be announced the same day during the dinner after the Top Packaging Summit. 

What's behind the challenge?

It's simple. One of Packbridge goals is to invigorate the entrepreneurs and startups within the packaging and logistic value chain in order to facilitate innovation and present new ideas to the entire packaging value chain. We know that our members, the industry, companies and society all benefit from effective matching with startups.

You are part of the change!

We need you, forward thinking professionals, representatives from the Industry, Academia and Public Sector. The entrepreneurs need you! Come and show your support and interest to drive innovation within the packaging industry. Meet the entrepreneurs who are eager to present their ideas! There might be a perfect match for you! 

Who should come? 

  • You who are interested in new ideas, solutions and technology
  • You who are responsible to create opportunities for all viable ideas in the company
  • You who want to drive innovation
  • You who know that meetings and networking facilitate innovations 

All you need to know

On May 29th selected companies will pitch their ideas and solutions for a  jury  consisting of investors and experts from the whole packaging value chain. Read more about the competition here



Registration and coffee


Welcome and introduction

Johan Mårtensson and Marie Malmberg Lavsen, Packbridge


Corporate/Start-up engagement: Case from Accelerace Foodtech

Oliver Repenning, Business Accelerator @ Accelerace


First batch of presentations

The first group of contestants have four minutes each to pitch to the jury


Coffee break


Second batch of presentations






Packbridge is an international packaging cluster established in 2010. We are a neutral and non-profit network uniting all stakeholders in and around the entire packaging industry, i.e. producers, customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. We believe in sustainability and cooperation. We believe that the key to success lies in sharing knowledge. 

Moreover, we believe that in order to create innovations one must think differently, dare to go beyond existing boarders, challenge the reality, meet new people and open up to new ideas. The best way to facilitate creativity is to bring people with different skills together.

Packbridge creates meeting places that give you opportunity to think in new ways, challenge yourself and push you forward. Bring your knowledge and we can go further together. Join us!